Man pages for austensen/acssf
Download ACS Summary File Data and Build Database

acs_downloadDownload ACS Summary File Data
acs_dropDrop ACS variable columns from dataframe
acs_loadLoad all files created by acs_transform() into database table
acssfDownload ACS Summary File Data and Build Database.
acs_sumSum rows within mutate with 'acs_vars()'
acs_transformParse raw data, calculate new varibles, export as csv
acs_varsCreate ACS variable codes
fips_abb_name_tableUS State (plus DC and PR) Abbreviations and FIPS codes
parse_acs_varsParse and R script for ACS Variables Used
sum_level_infoSummary levels and ACS surveys
swap_geo_idReturn desired geography variable from FIPS or abbreviation
swap_geo_typeReturn desired geography type variable from sum level code or...
validate_argsValidate function arguments
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