Man pages for austinnam/modeltools
Decision Modelling Tools

confintVectorConfidence interval of a vector
convertFilepathConvert Windows Filepath to Character String for R
convertProbRRConvert Probability with Relative Risk
estBetaParamEstimate Beta Distribution Parameters
estGammaParamEstimate Gamma Distribution Parameters
estLogNormParamEstimate Lognormal Distribution
fiellerFieller's Confidence Interval
getContinuousPayoffContinuous discount function
GetDiscountGet Discount
lerpLinear Interpolation
logitLogit Function
modeltoolsDecision Modelling Tools
OddsToProbConvert odds to probability
ProbToOddsConvert probability to odds
ProbToRateConvert a probability to a rate
RateToProbConvert a rate to a probability
roundToMultRound to Specified Multiple
rweiregRandom Weibull
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