Man pages for avantcredit/dbtest
Database testing and mocking in R.

build_connectionHelper function to build the connection.
db_connectionObtain a connection to a database.
db_test_conCreate a connection to a test database for testing database...
db_test_thatRun a single testthat test in a self-contained database...
drop_all_test_tablesDrop all the tables in the test database.
expect_sql_equalsExpect that a certain SQL statement will evaluate to a...
expect_sql_existsExpect that a certain SQL statement will have a result.
expect_tableExpect that the table exists in the test database.
expect_table_hasExpect that the table has a certain property.
is_db_connectedHelper function to check the database connection.
read_ymlReads a yaml file from a specified path.
with_test_dbRun a block of code where all DBI connections are mocked with...
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