Man pages for avantcredit/servicetests
R Service Tests (

capture_callsCapture calls on a stack trace for an inflight error.
clear_registryClear registry
generate_hashGenerate a hash for internal use
get_cache_rootGet path to where the registry cache is stored
get_registered_keysGet all the registered service tests
get_registryGets registry that is currently being used.
load_registryLoad registry from file
register_service_callRegister a service call
register_service_callsregister a list of service calls
save_registrySave registry to file
servicetestsService tests for R.
set_cache_rootSet cache root
test_serviceTest each service that is registered
test_service_callsTest registered services
unregister_service_callUnregister a service call and returns TRUE if registry was...
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