Man pages for avirkki/synergetr
Synthetic Data Generation

ccolGenerate constant column
diagsImaginary diagnosis results and medical treatments
epdfSampleDraw a random sample from a data frame
get_colnamesGet table names
getCountsCompute Frequencies for Categorical Variables
getDensityCompute probability density estimate from numerical fields
get_missingFraction of missing values
get_sampleGet sample from a table
plotCatDistPlot Value Distribution
rcharGenerate random character fields
rcodeGenerate random code field
rdateBuild random dates
rfactorConstruct synthetic factorial data
rhetuGenerate Random Finnish Personal IDs
rmissingGet random indices for missing values
rnumericGenerate random numbers
rpidGenerate Imaginary Personal IDs
rpkGenerate random primary integer keys
rtimeBuild random timestamps
synergetr-packageSynthetic Data Generation
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