Man pages for avrincon/phukieo
Manipulate Behavioural Data

add_trackersAdd tracker columns
ap_sb_gr_duration_calculatorCalculate the duration of a behaviour with a partner.
check_da_eiCheck for da's without an ei
check_missing_start_endCheck for missing start/end codes
class_agg_action_intensityClassify aggression intensity
class_da_idClassify da pa id
classify_da_idClassify da_pa_ids
duration_calculatorCalculate the duration of a behaviour
dur_matrixCreate a duration matrix
dyad_obs_totalfunction to add obs time of focal and participant
freq_matrixCreate a frequency matrix
get_obs_time_sGet obs time in secs
highlight_siHighlight si/ei
highlight_sibcHighlight si/ei of affiliative behaviours
highlight_si_revHighlight da-pa in reverse
map_nestMap function to list-column
obs_time_calculatorCalculate observation time
obs_time_matrixfunction that creates an obstime matrix
prot_oos_duration_calculatorCalculate the duration of a behaviour without a partner.
sec_to_hmsFunction that converts seconds to a character format hh:mm:ss
sum_durationSum duration of grouped variables
sum_hmsSum times in format "hh:mm:ss"
transp_sum_matrixTranspose matrix and sum content
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