Man pages for aydindemircioglu/SVMBridge
A Bridge to Integrate Different 'SVM' Solvers into R

addSVMPackageMake a new SVM package known to the bridge.
checkExecutionStringsCheck whether a binary's output contains given strings.
checkModelCheck model.
clearSVMObjectsClear all SVM Objects (by removing them from the internal...
createSVMWrapperInternalGeneral class for any SVM wrapper.
detectModelTypeFromFileDetect model type from file.
expandTildeExpand path with tilde
findAllSVMSoftwareFind All SVM Software
findBinaryInDirectoryFind a given binary in given directory.
findSVMSoftwareFind software for an SVM package.
findSVMWrapperFind a given SVM Wrapper inside a search path.
getSupportedSVMPropertiesReturn supported SVM properties.
predictSVMDo prediction with a trained SVM on given data.
readLIBSVMModelRead a model in LIBSVM format
readLIBSVMPredictionsRead predictions produced by LIBSVM
readModelFromFileRead a model from a given file
readSparseDataRead a given file in sparse (LIBSVM) format to dense R matrix...
readSparseDataFromConnectionRead sparse data from an open connection.
setSVMObjectSet an SVM object into the environment.
subsampleDataByCutoffsubsampleDataByCutoff Subsample Data by cutting off (a copy...
system3System call substitute to allow for more verbose output
testSVMTest a trained SVM on given data.
trainSVMTrain an SVM.
writeLIBSVMModelWrite LIBSVM model.
writeModelToFileWrite a given model to a file.
writeSparseDataWrite given (dense) R matrix and R vector in sparse (LIBSVM)...
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