Machine Learning Metaprogramming for R

These functions export several kinds of machine learning models trained in R to other programming languages, so the models can score data in a separate environment without R. Currently Base SAS is supported, and additional SAS licenses for SAS/IML, SAS/STAT, and SAS Enterprise Miner are not required. In some cases the models in SAS run faster and use less memory than in R.

Supported models: Bagged MARS from caret Conditional inference trees from party Random forests from party Multivariate Adaptive Regression Splines (MARS) from earth Generalized Boosted Regression Models from gbm Artificial neural networks from nnet

Later I will post this package on CRAN. Until then, use:


For an example usage, please see: Train neural network in R, predict in SAS Model decision tree in R, score in Base SAS

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