Man pages for azvoleff/gfcanalysis
Tools for Working with Hansen et al. Global Forest Change Dataset

animate_annualPlot an animation of forest change within a given area of...
annual_stackGenerate an annual stack of forest change from GFC product
calc_gfc_tilesCalculate the GFC product tiles needed for a given AOI
calc_pixel_areasCalculates the pixel area for each line of a raster
download_tilesDownload a set of GFC tiles
extract_gfcExtracts GFC data for a given AOI
gen_gridGenerate a spatial grid
gfc_statsProduce a table of forest cover change statistics for a given...
gfc_tilesGrid of tiles used for the GFC product
plot_gfcPlot forest change (relative to 2000) for a given year
scale_by_pixel_areaScales a raster by the area of each pixel in meters
scale_toarScale the first or last top of atmosphere (TOA) reflectance...
test_polyPolygon outlining TEAM site in Caxiuanã, Brazil
threshold_gfcThreshold the GFC product
utm_zoneGiven a spatial object, calculate the UTM zone of the...
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