auto_normalize: Normalize a set of preprocessed CDR images to a base image

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This function uses model II regression to perform relative normalization to match a set of Landsat CDR surface reflectance images. The function assumes the images were preprocessed using the auto_preprocess_landsat function. A base image can be optionally supplied. If a base image is not supplied, then the function will calculate the percent cloud cover of each input image, and automatically choose the image with the least cloud cover as the base image. This function assumes that the images (and image masks) were preprocessed using the auto_preprocess_landsat function.


auto_normalize(image_files, base, overwrite = FALSE)



list of filenames for images to normalize


(optional) filename of base image. If not supplied, the base image will be automatically chosen from the images in image_files, as the image with the lowest percent cloud cover.


whether to overwrite existing files


This function will run in parallel if a parallel backend is registered with foreach.


nothing - used for side effect of normalizing imagery

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