Man pages for b-steve/admbsecr
SECR models with supplementary location information

admbsecrFitting SECR models in ADMB
AIC.admbsecrExtract AIC from an admbsecr model object
bearingsCalculating bearings between two sets of points
boot.admbsecrBootstrapping SECR data
coef.admbsecrExtract admbsecr model coefficients
confint.admbsecrConfidence intervals for admbsecr model parameters
convert.captCapture history conversion.
convert.maskConvert mask object
convert.pamguardCreate a capture history object from a PAMGuard output file
convert.trapsConvert traps object
create.captCreating capture history object.
create.maskCreate mask object
distancesCalculating distances between two sets of points
exampleExample data
get.biasExtracting estimated biases
get.captExtracting capture history object
get.maskExtracting mask point locations
get.mceExtracting Monte Carlo error
get.parExtract estimated or fixed parameter values from an...
get.trapsExtracting trap locations
lightfooti_Arthroleptella lightfooti_ survey data
locationsPlotting estimated locations
make.acoustic.capturesAssigning ID numbers to sounds
mask.testTesting the mask object for a first calls model.
par.admbsecrParallelising admbsecr fits using a cluster
p.dotCalculating detection probabilities.
secr_nllEvaluating the likelihood using C++
show.detfnPlotting a detection function.
show.detsurfPlotting the detection probability surface
show.surveyPlotting mask and trap layout
sim.captSimulating SECR data
stdEr.admbsecrExtract standard errors from an admbsecr model fit
stdEr.admbsecr.bootExtract standard errors from a bootstrapped admbsecr model...
summary.admbsecrSummarising admbsecr model fits
test.admbsecrRun admbsecr tests
vcov.admbsecrExtract the variance-covariance matrix from an admbsecr model...
vcov.admbsecr.bootExtract the variance-covariance matrix from a bootstrapped...
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