Man pages for bAIo-lab/Questools
multivariate analysis and visualization

data_preprocpreprocess the data
dgmconstruct and visualize causal (directed) networks
dim_reduceDimensionality reduction and visualization.
find_represFind representative variables.
ggmconstruct and visualize Gaussian Graphical Models.
graph_visgraph visualization and community detection
min_forestconstruct and visualize a minimal forest based on Chow-Liu...
NHANESThe National Health and Nutrition Examination Surveys...
plot_assocPlot variables.
test_assocTest for association between each paired variables and...
test_pairTest for association between two paired variables.
VKLCalculate Variable-wise Kullback-Leibler divergence
VVKLCalculate Violating Variable-wise Kullback-Leibler divergence
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