This repository contains the sources for the contributed R package goftest, which performs goodness-of-fit tests.

The package implements the classical Cramer-von Mises and Anderson-Darling tests of goodness-of-fit for continuous univariate distributions, using modern algorithms to compute the null distributions.

The package was written by Adrian Baddeley, Julian Faraway, John Marsaglia and George Marsaglia.

This package is free open source under the GNU Public Licence GPL 2|3.


The current official release of goftest is available on CRAN and can be downloaded and installed automatically using the R command install.packages.

The code in this repository is the development version, which may be newer than the official release. The easiest way to install the development version of goftest from github is through the remotes package:


If you don't have remotes installed you should first run


Bug reports

Users of goftest are encouraged to report bugs here (go to issues in the menu above, and press new issue to start a new bug report or feature request).

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