Man pages for baktoft/yaps
Track estimation using YAPS (Yet Another Positioning Solver)

applySyncApply sync model to toa matrix to obtain synced data
getDatTmbGet data for input to TMB
getInitsGet inits for use in TMB
getInpGet prepared inp-object for use in TMB-call
getInpParamsGet parameters for this specific data set
getInpSyncGet object inp for synchronization
getParamsGet params-list for use in TMB
getSyncModelGet sync model from inp_sync object obtained by getInpSync()
getToaYapsBuild TOA matrix from synced data.table - also do some...
haldTest data from Lake Hald, Denmark
plotSyncModelCheckPlot to check how well the sync model is working
plotSyncModelResidsPlot residuals of sync_model to enable check of model
plotYapsBasic plots of yaps output
prepDetectionsPrepare detections data.table from raw data - csv-files...
runYapsFunction to run TMB to estimate track
simHydrosSim hydrophone array configuration
simTelemetryTrackSimulate telemetry track based on known true track obtained...
simToaSim TOA matrix for the supplied telemetryTrack
simTOPSimulate time of pings (Internal function)
simTrueTrackSimulate a known movement track for subsequent estimation...
ssu1Test data from Florida Bay
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