Man pages for barbehenna/BEIN3Project
Tools to use the BIEN3 Project

BIEN.gis.boxOccurrence records from from lat/long Bounding box
BIEN.gis.countryOccurrences from Country
BIEN.gis.familyOccurrences from Family
BIEN.gis.genusOccurrences from Genus
BIEN.gis.speciesLat/Long from Species Names(s)
BIEN.gis.stateOccurrences from State/Province
BIEN.list.allList species
BIEN.list.countrySpecies list from country/countries
BIEN.list.countySpecies list from a given county (and state)
BIEN.list.stateSpecies list from state(s)
BIEN.ranges.speciesBIEN ranges function
BIEN.trait.familyTraits from family/families
BIEN.trait.genusTraits from species
BIEN.trait.listList all traits
BIEN.trait.speciesTraits from species
BIEN.trait.traitTraits from trait name
BIEN.trait.traitbyfamilySpecific traits from family/families
BIEN.trait.traitbygenusSpecific traits from genus/genera
BIEN.trait.traitbyspeciesSpecific traits from species
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