Man pages for barkasn/fastSave
Save R objects faster

helloHello, World!
load.fastWrapper for load.lbzip2
load.lbzip2Reload Datasets saved with lbzip2
load.lbzip2.eReload Datasets saved with lbzip2 and return it as a...
load.pigzLoad R Objects saved with pigz compression
load.pigz.eLoad R Objects saved with pigz compression
preserve.stateSave the session in the current working directory with a file...
save.fastWrapper for save.lbzip2
save.image.lbzip2Save the current workspace with lbzip2 compression
save.image.pigzSave the current workspace
save.lbzip2Save R Object using lbzip2 parallel compression
save.pigzSave R Object using pigz compression
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