Man pages for barkasn/nbHelpers
Various Useful Helper Functions

getDataWithCovarianceMatrixGenerates data with covariance structure specified by the...
getFactorFromP1rdsGet the colors of a pagoda1 serialised app object as a factor
ll2aConvert list of lists of numbers to array
load.image.fastLoads an image generated with
make.doublets.two.groups.addMakes an array with artificial doublets by adding cells...
make.doublets.two.groups.subsampleMakes an array with artificial doublets by subsampling of...
mergeMatricesMerge expression matrices in a list, keeping only common...
minStringDistanceFind minimum string distance strings in a vector
mixVectorsOnLogicalGenerates a new vector from two vectors by combining them...
randomPositiveDefiniteMatrixGenerates a random positive definite matrix
read10xMatrixRead 10x matrix
readInDropMatrixReads in a data matrix from the in house indrop pipeline
readKleinMatrixReads in an expression matrix as formatted by the Klein lab...
readMultiple10Xmatriceswrapper with old name for read10xmatrices
readMultiple10XmatricesAsListread multiple 10x matrices and return as a list
readMultipleInDropMatricesReads in multiple indrop matrices
readMultipleKleinMatricesReads in multiple klein matrices and returns them in a list
save.image.fastsave a R session image fast
tableCornersget NW, NE, SW and SE corners of a dataframe or matrix
writeListOfDFsWrite a list of data.frames as individual csv files
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