Man pages for baseno/suds

computeEffluentcompute basin's effluent from all surface processes
gatherAffluentStrahlergather upstream affluent, only one strahler order can be...
loopmain loop
loop_runoffmain loop runoff only
lossModelcompute effective runoff with loss model
makeSummarysummary catchment
routePiperoute through pipe
routeRunoffroute runoff from lossModel givin in subbasin
routeStructureroute through structure
updateSubbasinAfterLossModelupdate subbasin dataframe after use of lossModel
updateSubbasinAfterPipeupdate subbasin after pipe routing
updateSubbasinAfterRunoffupdate subbasin dataframe after runoff was routed
updateSubbasinAfterStructureupdate subbasin after structure
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