Man pages for baseno/suds

actETcompute actual evapotranspiration
computeEffluentcompute basin's effluent from all surface processes
gatherAffluentStrahlergather upstream affluent, only one strahler order can be...
loopmain loop
loop_runoffmain loop runoff only
lossModelcompute effective runoff with loss model
lossModel_green_amptcompute effective runoff with loss model
makeSummarysummary catchment
routePiperoute through pipe
routeRunoffroute runoff from lossModel givin in subbasin
routeStructureroute through structure
soil_modelcompute effective runoff with green-ampt. Needs testing.
updateSubbasinAfterLossModelupdate subbasin dataframe after use of lossModel
updateSubbasinAfterPipeupdate subbasin after pipe routing
updateSubbasinAfterRunoffupdate subbasin dataframe after runoff was routed
updateSubbasinAfterStructureupdate subbasin after structure
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