Man pages for basille/basr
Basic, but hopefully useful, functions

basrUtility functions
colNANumber of NAs by column
confintConfidence Intervals for Model Parameters
cvCoefficient of variation
dynamitePlotDynamite Plots
extrangeExtended range
getcolorsChoosing colors visually
manualGenerate package reference manual
memUseMemory usage of saved objects
mvRename an R object.
ncutCut into classes of equal size
nsubsetSubset according to frequency of a column
qTerminate an R Session
reclassReclassify the values of a vector.
save.imageSave the current workspace
savepkglistLoad or save the list of attached packages
seStandard errors
summaryICSummary of AIC/BIC
tableModified table function to handle NAs
tograyConvert continuous variable to grey levels
writeFunctionFunction output
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