Man pages for bastianmanz/GPM_rain
Extraction and Rainfall Modelling using GPM-IMERG

bias_correctFunction to bias correct colocated gpm pixels against gauge...
classifyFunction to classify gauge time-series (zoo object) based on...
colocateFunction to colocate gauges with corresponding GPM pixel
combine_gaugesFunction to combine gauges within grid cells for kriging
cvgmFunction to fit climatological semi-variograms
DoubleKrigeFunction to perform double kriging
gaugesExample dataset of daily gauges in the region of Lima, Peru.
gauges.hh.piuraExample dataset of 30-min gauges in the Piura region, Peru.
gpmExample Daily-Aggregated GPM-IMERG Data
gpm2tsFunction to extract xts from STFDF for GPM-IMERG data
gpm.hh.piuraExample 30-min GPM-IMERG Data
hdf2RFunction to convert GPM-IMERG files from .HDF5 to .RData
production_url_listURLs of NASA GPM IMERG data
rcurl_downloadFunction to download GPM-IMERG HDF5 files from NASA ftp...
spacetime_gaugeFunction to convert gauge information from a data.frame to...
system_downloadFunction to download GPM-IMERG HDF5 files from NASA http...
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