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Convenience Functions for Semiparametric Function-on-Scalar Regression

bootstrap_pffrPerform bootstrap for smooth effects in 'pffr' models
calc_bootstrapCIsCalculate bootstrap-based confidence intervals for smooth...
calc_singleBootstrapCICalculate a pointwise confidence interval band for a single...
grid_arrange_shared_legendCreate a grid of multiple ggplots sharing the same legend
no.plotExtract returned values of plot.gam() while suppressing...
pi_gammaEstimate posterior simulation prediction intervals for Gamma...
plot_1DPlot 1D smooth effects for 'pffr' models
plot_2D3D perspective plot for 2D smooth effects for 'pffr' models
plot_2DheatmapHeatmat plot for 2D smooth effects for 'pffr' models
plot_bootstrapCIsPlot bootstrapped confidence intervals
plot_predictionsPlot model predictions for 'pffr' models
plot_predVSobsPlot predictions vs real observations for 'pffr' models
plot_residAutocovResidual autocovariance plot for 'pffr' models
plot_residsVSxyResidual plot vs space for 'pffr' models
plot_resVSfittedResidual plot vs fitted values for 'pffr' models
plot_resVSyindexResidual plot vs functional domain for 'pffr' models
prepareData_residsVSxyData preparation for 'plot_residsVSxy'
sample_CIsSample object created with 'calc_bootstrapCIs'
sample_dataEarthquake data set used in the Bauer (2018) paper
simulate_gammaFunction to draw one parametric bootstrap sample for a Gamma...
simulate_pffrSimulate new observations from a 'pffr' model
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