Man pages for bayesball/BayesTestStreak
Testing Streakiness in Binary Sequences by Bayes Factors

bayes.factor.functionComputes Bayes Factors for Range of Alternatives
bayes.factor.KComputes Bayes Factor for Single Alternative
BayesTestStreak-packageTesting Streakiness in Binary Sequences by Bayes Factors
betageomComputes Log Posterior for Beta/Geometric Model
dustinstreakStreak Data for Dustin Pedroia
find_idFinds Retrosheet id for a player
find.spacingsComputes spacings for a binary sequence
geometric.plotGeometric Probability Plot of a Binary Sequence
mavg_plotMoving Average Plot
pbp2016Retrosheet Event Data for 2016 Data
permutation.testPermutation Test of a Binary Sequence
plot_streak_dataRug plot of binary data
pred.simulation.KPredictive Simulation of Streakiness Assuming Consistent...
streak_dataObtain binary data for streak analysis
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