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Teaching Statistics Using Baseball datasets

case_1_1Rickey Henderson's Batting Statistics
case_2_1Team Batting Statistics
case_2_2Derek Jeter's batting statistics
case_2_3Randy Johnson's statistics
case_2_4Baseball attendance data
case_2_5Sacrifice bunt data
case_3_1Hitting data for Albert Pujols and Manny Rameriz
case_3_2Pitching data for Robin Roberts and Whitey Ford
case_3_3Team home run counts for four seasons
case_3_4Player slugging percentages
case_3_5Player batting averages for four seasons
case_4_1Team batting statistics
case_4_1bHome run and triple rates for historical teams
case_4_2Team batting statistics
case_4_3Team Offensive Statistics
case_4_4Team batting statistics
case_4_5Team records, runs, and runs against
case_4_6Slugging percentages for two seasons
case_5_1Home run log data
case_6_1Game to game hitting data
case_7_5Gywnn and Boggs hitting data
case_8_1Situational data for Mike Trout
case_8_2Home/away batting data for two seasons
case_8_3Player batting statistics for 2014 season
case_8_4Game-to-game hitting data for Michael Brantley
exer_2_0Batting statistics for Rickey Henderson
exer_2_1Batting statistics for Joe DiMaggio
exer_2_12Batting statistics for Bob Feller
exer_2_18Lengths of baseball games
exer_2_20Game home runs
exer_2_21Team batting statistics
exer_2_23HOF Pitching Data
exer_2_25Salaries of the Atlanta Braves
exer_2_29Baseball attendance
exer_2_31Batting and throwing hands
exer_2_32Fastball speeds
exer_2_33Pitch types
exer_2_34Pujols Batted ball statistics
exer_2_5Batting statistics for Babe Ruth
exer_2_9Batting statistics for Sandy Koufax
exer_3_0Henderson and Raines Data
exer_3_1Batting statistics of 1897 and 1997 players
exer_3_10Team Home Run Counts
exer_3_19Suzuki Batted ball statistics
exer_3_6Hitting data for Albert Pujols and Manny Rameriz
exer_3_7Pitching data for Greg Maddux and Tom Glavine
exer_3_8Batting data for shortstops and 3rd basemen
exer_3_9Batting statistics of 1897 and 1997 players
exer_4_0Rickey Henderson Data
exer_4_1Average and runs scored
exer_4_12Population and baseball attendance
exer_4_13Season batting stats for two players
exer_4_15Team home runs
exer_4_17Batting statistics for teams
exer_4_20Batted ball data and slugging percentages
exer_4_21Pitches and game duration
exer_4_3Team Pitching Data
exer_5_19Batting Statistics for All-Stars
exer_5_4Game by game strikeouts
exer_5_8Runners and Runs in Simulated Baseball
exer_5_9Runners and Runs in Real Baseball
exer_7_1Batting Averages for Two Seasons
exer_8_1Home and Away Batting Averages
exer_8_2Pre and Post All-Star Batting Averages
exer_8_3The Initial Pitch and Batting Averages
exer_8_4Batting Averages on Even and Odd Numbered Days
exer_8_5Batting Averages with there is a Situational Bias
exer_8_6Batting Averages on Even and Odd Numbered Days
exer_8_7Home and Away Batting Statistics
exer_8_8Situational Pitching Data
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