Man pages for bblodfon/usefun
A Collection of Useful Functions by John

add_row_to_ternary_dfAdd a row to a 3-valued (ternary) 'data.frame'
add_vector_to_dfAdd vector to a (n x 2) data frame
binarize_to_thresBinarize matrix to given threshold
get_common_namesGet the common names of two vectors
get_common_valuesGet the common values of two vectors
get_parent_dirRetrieve the parent directory
get_percentage_of_matchesGet percentage of matches between two vectors
get_stats_for_unique_valuesGet stats for unique values
get_ternary_class_idGet ternary class id
is_betweenIs value between two others?
is_emptyIs object empty?
ldf_arrange_by_rownamesRearrange a list of data frames by rownames
make_color_bar_plotMake a color bar plot
make_multiple_density_plotMultiple densities plot
mat_equalMatrix equality
normalize_to_rangeRange normalization
plot_string_to_filePlot string to output format
pretty_print_bold_stringPretty print a bold string
pretty_print_name_and_valuePretty print a name and value
pretty_print_stringPretty print a string
pretty_print_vector_namesPretty printing of a vector's names attribute
pretty_print_vector_names_and_valuesPretty printing of a vector's names and values
pretty_print_vector_valuesPretty printing of a vector's values
print_empty_linePrint an empty line
prune_and_reorder_vectorPrune and reorder vector elements
prune_columns_from_dfPrune single-value columns from a data frame
prune_rows_from_dfPrune single-value rows from a data frame
remove_commented_and_empty_linesRemove commented and empty lines
save_df_to_fileSave data frame to a specified file
save_mat_to_fileSave matrix to a specified file
save_vector_to_fileSave vector to a specified file
specify_decimalSpecify decimal
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