Man pages for bbolker/bbmle
Tools for General Maximum Likelihood Estimation profile to data frame
BIC-methodsLog likelihoods and model selection for mle2 objects calls to character
dnorm_nNormal distribution with profiled-out standard deviation
get.mnamesextract model names
ICtabCompute table of information criteria and auxiliary info
mle2Maximum Likelihood Estimation
mle2.optionsOptions for maximum likelihood estimation
mle-classClass "mle2". Result of Maximum Likelihood Estimation.
namedropdrop unneeded names from list elements
parnamesget and set parameter names
pop_pred_sampgenerate population prediction sample from parameters...
predict-methodsPredicted values from an mle2 fit
profile-methodsLikelihood profiles
profile.mle-classMethods for likelihood profiles
relistreconstruct the structure of a list
sbinomAbstract definitions of distributions
sliceCalculate likelihood "slices"
slice.mle-classlikelihood-surface slices
strwrapxWrap strings at white space and + symbols
summary.mle-classClass "summary.mle2", summary of "mle2" objects
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