Man pages for bbolker/cpcbp
common principal components/back-projection analysis

bp.anovaAnalysis of variance incorporating back-projection error
bp.contrastsEstimate back-projected contrasts
bp.errorcalculate back-projection errors
bp.fstatsExtract statistics from ANOVA lists
bpmatFlury back-projection matrix
bp.meansEstimate back-projected means and standard deviations
bp.vcovVariance-covariance matrices for back-projection coefficients
calc.cpcerrCalculate errors of CPC eigenvectors
coverfunCalculate error coverage
covmatconstruct variance-covariance matrix
cpc.optionsSet CPC calculation options
example_data1sample data from Flury
h_cpcTest whether all CPC are identical
h_manyComparing CPC to set of eigenvectors
h_oneComparing first CPC to one hypothetical eigenvector
h_reduceReducing Parameter Space
h_sphereHypothesis of Sphericity
makeSymmetricmake a symmetrix matrix
meancorrectmean-correct a data matrix
new_cpcFG Algorithm
n_irisAnderson's Iris Data 1935
nullsimSimulate null hypothesis (size differences only)
n_volesample data from Airoldi and Flury 1988
partial_cpcPartial CPC Algorithm
pbperrDistribution of F statistics corrected for back-projection...
phillips.cpcRun Phillips's CPC program from R
phillips.getpmatutility functions for reading output from Phillips' CPC...
plot.dat.theorPlot multigroup data along with theoretical predictions
plot.multigrpplot grouped data
pooled.cpcCompute CPC by mean-correcting each group
posDefPositive Definite Check
random_rotationRandom Rotation
random_rotation_matrixRandom Rotation Matrix
simdataSimulate data for back-projection exercises
sim.theorGenerate theoretical values for back-projection exercises
strip.blanksstring utility functions
test_bankSample Data from FLury and Riedwyl 1988
test_flurySample Data from Flury 1984
test_irisAnderson's Iris Data 1935
test_voleSample data from Airoldi and Hoffmann 1984
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