Man pages for bceaton/stochasim
An implementation of the STOCHASIM stream channel model

bedloadCalculate sediment transport rate
bed_stabilityAnalyze bed stability
crit_stressEstimate the critical shear stress
est_effectiveEstimate the effective discharge based on bedload transport
est_formativeEstimate the formative discharge for a channel based on bank...
est_muApproximate relative bank strength
plot_erosionPlot erosion data from stochasim
plot_floodsPlot flood frequency distribution
plot_timeseriesPlot time series of discharge and width
run_stochasimRun the STOCHASIM model
sim_floodSimulate a log-normal flood series
sim_gsdSimulate a log-normal grain size distribution
solve_QSolve for water depth
stab_fractionCalculate stable grain fractions
stressCalculate the mean boundary shear stress
velocityEstimate flow velocity
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