Man pages for bcgov/bcdata
Search and Retrieve Data from the BC Data Catalogue

bcdata-packagebcdata: Search and Retrieve Data from the BC Data Catalogue
bcdc_browseLoad the B.C. Data Catalogue URL into an HTML browser
bcdc_describe_featureDescribe the attributes of a Web Service feature
bcdc_get_dataDownload and read a resource from a B.C. Data Catalogue...
bcdc_get_recordShow a single B.C. Data Catalogue record
bcdc_listReturn a full list of the names of B.C. Data Catalogue...
bcdc_optionsRetrieve options used in bcdata, their value if set and the...
bcdc_previewGet map from the B.C. Web Service
bcdc_query_geodataQuery data from the B.C. Web Service
bcdc_read_functionsFormats supported and loading functions
bcdc_searchSearch the B.C. Data Catalogue
bcdc_search_facetsGet the valid values for a facet (that you can use in...
bcdc_tidy_resourcesProvide a data frame containing the metadata for all...
CQLCQL escaping
cql_geom_predicatesCQL Geometry Predicates
filterFilter a query from Web Service call
mutateThrow an informative error when attempting mutate on a Web...
pipePipe operator
selectSelect columns from Web Service call
show_queryShow SQL and URL used for Web Service request from B.C. Data...
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