Man pages for bcgov/bcgovr
Set Up of 'bcgov' R Projects & Packages

bcgovr-packagebcgovr: Set Up of 'bcgov' R Projects & Packages
create_bcgov_packageCreate a bcgov R package directory structure
create_bcgov_projectCreate a bcgov R project directory structure
create_from_bcgov_githubCreate a local repository from a bcgov GitHub repository
devex_badgeThis function is deprecated, use the...
insert_bcgov_apache_headerAdd the boilerplate Apache header to the top of a source code...
insert_bcgov_cc_headerAdd the boilerplate Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 (CC-BY)...
insert_bcgov_devex_badgeAdd html for inserting a BC DevExchange project state badge
use_bcgov_code_of_conductAdd a file to the project directory
use_bcgov_contributingAdd a file to the project directory
use_bcgov_gitInitialise a Git repository, with bcgov GitHub requirements
use_bcgov_gitattributesAdd an R-flavoured .gitattributes file
use_bcgov_githubAdd your project to bcgov GitHub
use_bcgov_licenceAdd a LICENCE file (Apache 2.0 or CC-BY) to the project...
use_bcgov_readmeAdd a file to the project directory
use_bcgov_readme_rmdAdd a README.Rmd file to the project directory
use_bcgov_reqAdd bcgov GitHub requirements to your project directory
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