Man pages for bcgov/bcgroundwater
Analyse B.C. groundwater level data

arg_matchA better match.arg especially for checking function inputs
bcgroundwaterbcgroundwater: Analyse B.C. groundwater level data.
get_gwlRetrive and format groundwater data from BC Government GWL...
gwlAreaPlotCreates an area plot of groundwater levels with trend line
gwlMonthlyPlotCreate a graph of historical monthly water level deviations
gwlZypTestPerform Mann-Kendall trend test on many wells
makeWellTSGet full time series with missing values interpolated
monthlyValuesObtain a single groundwater level for each month
plotPointWithInsetPlot a point on a map with an overview inset
readGWLdata(DEFUNCT) Read in groundwater data from file downloaded from...
trimConsRunsFind consecuctive runs of a value in extremes of a vector
utm_ddConvert zone+utm pairs to lat/long.
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