wsc_drainages: Water Survey of Canada Sub-Sub-Drainage Areas

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For use in showing the 4th level drainages (sub-sub-drainages) in the national Drainage Area Framework and for use in determining the Water Survey of Canada alphanumeric codes that are used in hydrometric station numbering.




An object of class sf (inherits from tbl_df, tbl, data.frame) with 145 rows and 14 columns.


Atlas of Canada 1,000,000 National Frameworks Data, Hydrology - Drainage Areas (WSC sub-sub drainage areas) from the Natural Resources Canada GeoGratis website. The dataset has been clipped to drainage areas within or adjacent to B.C.

Downloaded from Natural Resources Canada GeoGratis website ( and clipped to the area around B.C, then re-projected to BC Albers projection. Some attribute fields were removed, and other attribute field names were changed.


Original data from DataBC, under the Open Government License - Canada version 2.0.

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