Man pages for bcgov/envreportutils
Utilities for common operations, mainly plotting

bgc_coloursGet colour codes for B.C. Biogeoclimatic (BGC) Zones
envreportutils-deprecatedDefunct functions in envreportutils
get_data_licenceReturns a url, or a markdown or html-formatted link to one of...
multiplotPlot multiple plots in a single pane. This function stills...
order_dfCreate an ordered factor in a data.frame and sort the...
png_retinaCreate png for retina display
softPost a file to SOFT for sharing
svg_pxCreate svg for the web, specifying size in pixels
theme_soeDefault theme for EnvReportBC graphs and plots
theme_soe_facetDefault theme for EnvReportBC facetted graphs and plots
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