Man pages for bcgov/rems
Get Data From British Columbia's Environmental Monitoring System

attach_historic_dataLoad the historic ems sqlite database as a tbl
bind_ems_dataCombine rows from different EMS data sets
data_dictionariesData Dictionaries for EMS data
download_historic_dataDownload and store the large historic ems dataset
ems_posix_numericConvert an integer representing a Unix date/time to POSIXct...
filter_ems_dataSimple filtering of ems data by emsid and or dates.
get_cache_dateGet the date(s) when ems data was last updated locally.
get_ems_dataget EMS data from BC Data Catalogue
lt_lake_sitesLong-term lake monitoring sites
read_historic_dataRead historic ems data into R.
remove_data_cacheRemove cached EMS data from your computer
rems-packagerems: Get Data From British Columbia's Environmental...
save_ems_dataSave EMS data as a csv file
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