Man pages for bcgov/wqbc
Water Quality Thresholds and Index Calculation for British Columbia

calc_limitsCalculate Limits
calc_wqiCalculate Water Quality Index (WQI)
categorize_wqiCategorize Water Quality Indices
ccmeCCME Water Quality Index User's Manual Example Data
clean_wqdataClean Water Quality Data
codesWater Quality Parameter Codes and Units for British Columbia
compress_ems_codesCompress EMS Codes
convert_valuesConvert values to different units
dummyDummy Water Quality Data
ems_codesWater Quality Parameter EMS Names and Codes for British...
expand_ems_codesExpand EMS Codes
fraserFraser River Basin Long-term Water Quality Monitoring...
geomean1Geometric Mean Plus-Minus 1
get_category_coloursGet Category Colours
limitsWater Quality Limits for British Columbia
lookup_codesLookup Codes
lookup_limitsLookup Limits
lookup_unitsLookup Units
lookup_variablesLookup Variables
plot_mapPlot Map
plot_map_wqisPlot Map of Water Quality Index Categories.
plot_timeseriesPlot Time Series Data
plot_wqisPlot Water Quality Indices
set_non_detectsSet value for 'non-detects'
site_limitsExample Site Specific Limits
standardize_wqdataStandardize Water Quality Data
stationsWater Quality Stations for British Columbia
substitute_unitsSubstitute Units
substitute_variablesSubstitute Variables
summarise_for_trendsSummarise data by year and month
test_trendsThiel-Sen Trend Test
tidy_ec_dataTidy Environment Canada Data
tidy_ems_dataTidy EMS Data
vmv_codesWater Quality Parameter VMV and Variable Codes for Canada
wqbcWater Quality Thresholds and Index Calculation for British...
yuepilonExample data used in Yue, Pilon et al. 2001 taken from the...
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