Man pages for bdcaf/rawTof

dim_calcCalculates multidimentsional index from linear
directSumSpecread the sum spectrum direct from file
get_creation_timeget exact time information of scans
get_peak_matrixretrieve matrix of precalculated peaks
get_single_scanextract a single scan from tof spectrum
get_sum_specretrieve sum spectrum
get_timingget exact time information of scans
masscal_helpercreate functions to work with existing mass calibration
raw_handleS3 class constructor for TOF object
rawTof-packageInteract with Ionicon h5 Tof files.
read_stored_masscalreads the mass calibration from a file
scan_indread the spectrum of scan i
stored_mass_cal.tof_h5reads mass calibration from H5 file
sumspecread the sum spectrum
TofClass-classAn S4 class to hold reused values for reading the spectrum
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