Man pages for bdsegal/psplinesl1
P-splines with an l_1 penalty for repeated measures

admmADMM algorithm for fitting l1-penalized additive mixed models
ciObtain confidence intervals for l1ADMM objects
cvcross validation for l1-penalized additive mixed models
cvgridcross validation grid search for l1-penalized additive mixed...
dfl1Obtain degrees of freedom for l1ADMM objects
MfunFunction for making inverse of finite difference matrix
msubsub function for making inverse of finite difference matrix
print.ciPrint function for confidence bands
print.cvPrint function for cv
print.cvgridPrint function for cvgrid
psFunction for setting up p-spline smooths
reFunction for setting up random effects (intercepts or...
simDataSimulated data
softsoft thresholding function
trueMeanTrue marginal mean for simulated data
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