Man pages for beanumber/fertile
Creating Optimal Conditions for Reproducibility

checkReproducbility checks
check_from_zipTest projects in ZIP files
check_is_dirCheck whether a provided path is a directory
check_is_fileCheck whether a provided path is a file
check_pathCheck paths for portability
check_path_safeRuns check_path, but will only work interactively and cannot...
dangerOverride functions masked by fertile and run from the...
has_renderedUtility function to check whether a project has been updated...
interactive_log_onUtility function to help w/ controlling interactive logging...
is_data_fileTest whether a given path is to a data file
is_image_fileTest whether a given path is to an image file
is_r_fileTest whether a given path is to an R file
is_text_fileTest whether a given path is to a text file
log_pushLogging and reporting of file paths
log_reportLogging and reporting of file paths
log_touchCreate a new log file and return the path to the log
make_checkCreate a fertile check object
print_one_checkPrint a check function output
proj_renderRender files in a project directory to update the render log...
proj_rootFind the project root, but always return something
proj_testAnalyze project for reproducibility
sandboxUtility function to create a copy of a project in a temp...
shimsShims for common input/output functions, used to create log...
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