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Econometer Gemeente Den Haag

bag_geocodeRetrieve the (RD) coordinates of a street address in The...
cir_extractCaseDetailsExtract a selection of case details into a data frame
cir_getCaseRetrieve case details
cir_getCourtNamesGet a vector of court names/locations
cir_GetLastUpdateRetrieve the date of the last update
cir_loginProvide login credentials for the insolvency registry
cir_searchByDateRetrieve publication numbers by date
epbd_downloadCertificatesDownload energy certificates at the start of the current...
epbd_extractLabelMutationsExtract details of EP label mutations
epbd_getLabelMutationsRetrieve label mutations
epbd_labelColorEnergy label HEX color code
epbd_loginProvide login credentials for the energy label registry
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