Man pages for beerda/rmake
Makefile Generator for R Analytical Projects

defaultVarsVariables used within Makefile generating process
expandTemplateExpand template rules into a list of rules by replacing...
getParamWrapper around the 'params' global variable
grapes-greater-than-greater-than-grapesA pipe operator for rmake rules
inShellConvert R code to the character vector of shell commands...
is.ruleCheck if the argument is a valid rule object.
makeRun 'make" in the system
makefileGenerate Makefile from given list of rules ('job').
markdownRuleRule for building text documents from Markdown files
offlineRuleRule for requesting manual user action
prerequisitesReturn given set of properties of all rules in a list
replaceSuffixReplace suffix of the given file name with a new extension...
replaceVariablesReplace 'rmake' variables in a character vector
rmake-packageMakefile generator for R analytical projects
rmakeSkeletonPrepare existing project for building with _rmake_.
rRuleRule for running R scripts
ruleGeneral creator of an instance of the S3 'rmake.rule' class
visualizeVisualize dependencies defined by a rule or a list of rules
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