Man pages for belasi01/Riops
IOPs data processing

analyse.ACs.blankAnalyse AC-s blank (Pure Water) data
analyse.ASPH.blankAnalyse A-sphere blank (Pure Water) data
apply.ECO.calApply ECOVSF calibration
apply.ECOVSF.calApply ECOVSF calibration
check.ASPH.VinCheck A-sphere batteries voltage input (Vin)
compare.ACs.blankCompare blank file generated by 'analyse.ACs.blank'
compute.aTOT.for.COPSCompute the total absorption for COPS processing of LuZ... processing from ECO sensor at discrete depth
correct.merge.IOP.profileApply corrections and merge IOP data from an optical package
create.reportCreate a PDF report for a vertical profile performed using an...
generate.HL.inputsProduce Hydrolight-compatible input files for RTE simulations...
IOPs.goIOPs data processing launcher
process.ECOVSFECO-VSF processing for discrete depth (or profile sampling...
process.IOPsReads the parameters and instrument files and launch...
read.ACsRead an AC-s file
read.ASPHRead A-Sphere ASCII file as exported by IGOR software.
read.BB3Read s BB-3 file
read.BB9Read s BB-9 file
read.CTDRead a CTD SBE19+ file
read.CTD.DH4Read a CTD (MicroCAT) file a WetLabs Device file for ECO meter (VSF3, BB9, BB3)
read.ECOVSFRead the ECO-VSF data
read.FLBBCDRead an ECO triplet for chlrophyll, bb700 and cdom (FLBBCD)...
read.FLCHLRead a chlorophyll fluorescence (FLCHL) file
read.FLECORead an ECO triplet for CDOM fluorescence (FLECO) file
read.HS6Read s Hydroscat-6 file
read.LISSTRead s LISST file in format *.asc a WetLabs Device file for ECO-VSF3
reformat.LISST100Convert raw LISST ASCII to raw binary file format (*.DAT)
run.process.ECO.batchRun batch processing for ECO meter data in raw format.
run.process.ECOVSF.batchRun batch processing for ECO-VSF
spectral.aph.bricaudCase-1 waters absorption coefficient for Particles and...
spectral.awPure water absorption spectrum
spectral.bbpSpectral backscattering coefficient
spectral.bwPure water scattering coefficient spectrum
spectral.cdomReturn CDOM spectra using exponential model
spectral.napReturn non-algal particles (NAP) spectra using exponential...
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