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Internal WASH Benefits Function Package

design_matrixConvert a vector, matrix or data frame with factors into a...
dot-onAttachwashb Package loading startup function
washb_bangladesh_anthrodataset: Bangladesh anthropometry analysis
washb_bangladesh_diardataset: Bangladesh diarrhea analysis
washb_bangladesh_enroldataset: Bangladesh enrollment analysis
washb_bangladesh_track_compounddataset: Bangladesh track compound analysis
washb_bangladesh_uptakedataset: Bangladesh uptake analysis
washb_bang_trdataset: Bangladesh treatment assignments
washb_glmGeneralized linear model function for the WASH Benefits study
washb_glmFormatAn internal formatting function for results output in glm...
washb_lincomEstimate linear combinations of GLM regression coefficients.
washb_meanEstimate means with robust SEs
washb_mhMantel-Haenszel pooled estimates of the prevalence ratio (PR)...
washb_permuteConditional permutation test using the Wilcoxon signed rank...
washb_prescreenPre-screen covariates using a likelihood ratio test.
washb_tmleTarget maximum likelihood estimation of intention-to-treat...
washb_ttestPaired t-test for the WASH Benefits trials
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