Man pages for benjaminrich/PCSmisc
Useful functions for longitudinal data set construction and manipulation. Age From Date-of-Birth
asIDMake a Valid Block Format ID From One or More Vectors
blk.applyNto1Apply a Function to Each Block. Area Under a Curve by the Trapezoid Rule.
blk.changeFromBaselineCompute Change from Baseline and Relative Time
blk.concomitantFind Concomitant Events
blk.countBlockwise Count
blk.countPastEventsCount Past Events
blk.diffBlockwise Lagged Differences
blk.findConsecutiveFinds Consecutive Rows With a Common Property
blk.indicatorsBlockwise Indicator Functions
blk.isConstantCheck Whether a Variable is Constant or Varying Withing...
blk.isSteadyStateFlag Dose Events Occuring Under Steady-State Conditions
blk.locfLast Observation Carried Forward
blk.nearestMatchImpute Values Using the Nearest Match
blk.noninformativeDoseFlag Non-informative Dose Events
blk.sequentialIDCreate a Sequential ID
blk.shiftShift Values Respecting Block Boundaries
blk.singleValueExtract a Single Value for Each Block in a Block Data Set.
blk.tadCompute Time After Dose
blk.time.above.thresholdCompute Time Above a Threshold by Linear Interpolation.
block-formatBlock Format
crcl.cgCreatinine Clearance Using the Cockroft-Gault Formula
difftime.daysCompute Time Difference In Days
difftime.defaultConvenience Function for Computing Time Differences
egfr.mdrdEstimated GFR Using the MDRD Formula
generate.assertionsGenerate Assertions
is.sortedCheck Whether Vectors are Sorted
mappingGenerate a Mapping Function
mixedDataA Class for Mixed Character and Numeric Data
nmissingHow Many Missing Values?
nuniqueHow Many Unique Values?
percentChangeCompute Percent Change
pkstudy.CMConcomitant Medication Data from an Imaginary PK Study
pkstudy.DMDemographic Data from an Imaginary PK Study
pkstudy.EXDrug Exposure Data from an Imaginary PK Study
pkstudy.LBLaboratory Test Data from an Imaginary PK Study
pkstudy.PCPharmacokinetic Concentration Data from an Imaginary PK Study
pkstudy.VSVital Statistics Data from an Imaginary PK Study
signif.padRound Numbers to Specified Significant Digits with 0-Padding
write.nonmem.csvRead/Write NONMEM Data
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