Man pages for benjaminrich/linpk
Generate Concentration-Time Profiles from Linear PK Systems a 'pkprofile' to a 'data.frame'
blockdiagConstruct a block-diagonal matrix.
cor2covConvert from standard deviation and correlation matrix to...
dose.frameGet the doses from a PK profile.
finalstateGet the final state or time of a PK profile.
generateETAGenerate individual random effects from a multivariate normal...
halflifeHalf-lives of a linear PK system.
linpkAppRuns the interactive shiny app.
LTmatConstruct a symmetric matrix from its lower triangle.
pkprofileGenerate a concentration-time profile.
pkprofile-methodsPrinting and plotting methods for class 'pkprofile'.
pkprofile.pkprofileContinue an existing concentration-time profile.
secondaryDerive secondary PK parameters.
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