Man pages for benkeser/survtmle
Compute Targeted Minimum Loss-Based Estimates in Right-Censored Survival Settings

checkInputsCheck Function Inputs
cleanglmClean up outputs from GLM
estimateCensoringEstimate Censoring Mechanisms
estimateHazardsEstimation for the Method of Cause-Specific Hazards
estimateIteratedMeanEstimation for the Method of Iterated Means
estimateTreatmentEstimate Treatment Mechanisms
fast_glmWrapper for faster Generalized Linear Models
fluctuateHazardsFluctuation for the Method of Cause-Specific Hazards
fluctuateIteratedMeanFluctuation for the Method of Iterated Means
getHazardInfluenceCurveExtract Influence Curve for Estimated Hazard Functions
gradGradient for Logistic Regression
grad_offsetGradient for Logistic Regression with Offsets
hazard_tmleTMLE for Cause-Specific Hazard Functions
LogLikelihood_offsetLog-Likelihood Offset
makeDataListConvert Short Form Data to List of Wide Form Data
makeWideDataListConvert Long Form Data to List of Wide Form Data
mean_tmleTMLE for G-Computation of Cumulative Incidence Results of Cumulative Incidence Estimates
rtssMock RTSS/AS01 data set
rv144Mock RV144 data set
survtmleCompute Targeted Minimum Loss-Based Estimators in Survival...
timepointsEvaluate Results over Time Points of Interest
updateVariablesUpdate TMLEs for Hazard to Cumulative Incidence
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