Man pages for benmarwick/rrtools
Creates a Reproducible Research Compendium

add_dependencies_to_descriptionSearches for external packages and adds them to the Imports...
as.packageCoerce input to a package.
check_dep_versionCheck that the version of an imported package satisfies the...
create_compendiumQuickly create a basic research compendium by combining...
github_patRetrieve Github personal access token.
is.packageIs the object a package?
package_fileFind file in a package.
parse_depsParse package dependency strings.
use_analysisAdds an analysis directory (and sub-directories), and an Rmd...
use_build_ignoreAdd a file to '.Rbuildignore'
use_circleciAdd a circleci config file
use_compendiumCreates an R package suitable to use as a research...
use_dockerfileAdd a Dockerfile
use_gitInitialise a git repository.
use_git_hookAdd a git hook.
use_githubConnect a local repo with GitHub.
use_github_linksAdd GitHub links to DESCRIPTION.
use_git_quietlyInitialise a git repository without asking questions
use_readme_rmdCreates skeleton README files
use_travisAdd a travis config file
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