Man pages for benmbutler/powdR
X-ray Powder Diffraction Data Analysis

align.optimMaximisisation of correlation
auto.fpfAutomated full pattern fitting
d.spacingCalculate d-spacing
fill.zerosFill zeros in combined quantitative datasets
fpfFull pattern fitting
fpf.alignAlignment during full pattern fitting
fpf.plotInteractive full pattern fitting plot
fullpatObjective measures to be minimised during full pattern...
mcMean centre XRPD data
mineralsA selection of pure minerals measured on a Bruker D8 arranged...
multi.xrd.alignAlign and harmonise multiple XRPD patterns
powdRpowdR: A package for quantitative mineralogy.
qmineralsQuanity mineral concentrations from optimised parameters and...
rmseRoot mean square error
rng.nmRange normalisation
soilsExample soil XRPD data
wavelength.transformAdjust 2theta of XRPD data based on monochromatic wavelength
xrd.alignAlign XRPD data
xrd.autoidAutomated selection of crystalline phases for quantitative...
xrd.binBin XRPD data
xrd.bkgFit a background to XRPD data
xrd.fuzzyFuzzy clustering of XRPD data based on first three principal...
xrd.lldEstimation of lower limits of detection in XRPD data
xrd.pcaPrincipal component analysis and pre-treatment of XRPD data
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