Man pages for benmbutler/powdR
Full Pattern Summation of X-Ray Powder Diffraction Data

afpsAutomated full pattern summation
afps.powdRlibAutomated full pattern summation
bkgFit a background to XRPD data
fpsFull pattern summation
fps.powdRlibFull pattern summation
mineralsAn example powdRlib reference library
minerals_phasesA table of associated data for the minerals_xrd table, which...
minerals_xrdA table of 14 reference patterns and their corresponding two...
plot.powdRafpsPlotting elements of a powdRafps object
plot.powdRbkgPlotting a powdRbkg object
plot.powdRfpsPlotting elements of a powdRfps object
plot.powdRlibPlotting elements of a powdRlib object
powdRpowdR: full pattern summation of XRPD data
powdRlibCreate an XRD reference library
run_powdRRun the powdR shiny app
soilsExample soil XRPD data
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