Man pages for bergant/datamodelr
Define and Plot Data Model Diagrams

as.data_modelCoerce to a data model a data frame to a data model
datamodelr-packagedatamodelr: data model diagrams
dm_add_reference_Add reference
dm_add_referencesAdd references
dm_create_graphCreate a graph object from data model object
dm_create_referencesCreate reference info
dm_export_graphExport graph to file
dm_from_data_framesCreate data model object from R data frames
dm_get_graph_svgGet graph SVG
dm_list2coltableList to column table
dm_paletteDatamodel color schema
dm_read_yamlRead YAML
dm_render_graphRender graph
dm_re_queryReverse engineer query
dm_set_col_attrSet column attribute
dm_set_displaySet table display
dm_set_keySet key
dm_set_segmentSet table segment
dot_html_labelCreate a label
is.data_modelCheck if object is a data model
print.data_modelPrint data model graph
print.datamodelr_graphPrint data model graph
to_html_tableData frame to html table
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