Man pages for bergant/finstr
Financial Statements in R

calculateCalculate formulas
calculationDefine calculation
check_statementCheck statement
diff.statementStatement lagged differences
exposeExpose financial sheet values
finstr-packagefinstr: financial statements in R
get_ascendantGet ascendant
get_descendantsGet descendands
get_elementsGet statement elements and the calculation hierarchy
get_elements_hGet elements hierarchy
get_parentGet parent
grapes-without-grapesWithout operator
merge.elementsMerge statement elements object
merge.statementMerge two financial statements
merge.statementsMerge two lists of statements
otherOther elements
plot_double_stacked_barPlot double stacked bar
plot_waterfallPlot waterfall
print.checkPrint check object
print.statementPrint a statement object
print.statementsPrint a statements object
proportionalProportional values
reshape_longReshape to "long" format
reshape_tableReshape statement data to table format
xbrl_create_dataFunction to create package data included in the package
xbrl_data_aapl2013XBRL data from SEC archive
xbrl_data_aapl2014XBRL data from SEC archive
xbrl_get_dataGet a statement from data (data for specified elements)
xbrl_get_relationsGet relations from XBRL calculation link base
xbrl_get_statement_idsGet a vector of statement IDs
xbrl_get_statementsGet a financial statements object from XBRL
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