Man pages for bergsmat/meta
Store Metadata with Data

anti_join.metaFilter Meta
arrange_.metaArrange Meta
as.csv.metaSave Meta Format as CSV
as.metaCoerce to Meta Format
as.meta.characterCoerce to Meta Format from character to Meta from Data Frame
as.meta.metaCoerce to Meta Format from Meta Format
distillDistill a Component of an Object a Variable of a Data Frame
distill.metaDistill a Variable of Meta
filter_.metaFilter Meta
foldFold an Object a Data Frame
group_by_.metaFilter Meta
interpretInterpret something
interpret.metaInterpret Data in Meta Format
left_join.metaLeft Join Meta
mutate_.metaMutate Meta
obj_attrInfer Object-Attribute Relationships
obj_attr.characterInfer Object Attribute Relationships from Character. Object Attribute Relationships from Data Frame
select_.metaSelect Meta
unfoldUnfold an Object
unfold.metaUnfold a Meta Format Object
ungroup.metaFilter Meta
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