Man pages for bfatemi/easydata
Utility functions for easy data wrangling

broadbandBroadband Adoption & Peak Speed by Country for Q3 2013
broadbandQtrBroadband Adoption & Peak Speed by Country and Quarter
ClassMorphFunctions to Change Column Classes
easycleaningFunctions to help with Data Cleaning
easy_describeFunctions to help with pre-data exploration
easysplitQuick and Efficient Data Splitting
easyswapSwap all instances in a data.table
fiberCountyDemGDP and Fiber Internet Access Data, by County
fiberMSADemGDP and Fiber Internet Access Data, by MSA
find_columnFind known column name in messy csv files
id_outliersA function that identifies outliers in a vector of numeric...
index_functionsSplit into List
QuantileCutoffsCalculate Quantile Cutoffs
xFormulaQuickly Create Formula Objects
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